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Audio playlist files :

Click here to download the complete playlist of surf music to catch the waves.

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July 6th technotes :

David M. has mentioned a problem with pages 11 and 12 of the presentation, where an "n" seems to be missing in the title "Competition". This may be caused by a font conversion if your Mac does not have the Trade Gothic font, which was used to create the presentation.

This problem can be resolved by either:

  • enlarging the text box (as shown in pictures 01.jpg to 04.jpg):
  • or installing the Trade Gothic font on your Mac

If you choose to solve the problem by installing the Trade Gothic font:

  • download the font by clicking on this link:
  • install the font on your Mac as explained in this tutorial:
  • delete the presentation on your Mac
  • download a new version of the presentation from one of the links below


Presentation (version 2)

We've added a self-running animated slide to introduce in.touch 2 application color codes. You can download the complete presentation or a single slide to add to your file.

Click to enlarge

Click on the desired format to download the complete file of the presentation

Click on the format of your choice to download the self-running animated page on in.touch2 app color codes


To run your presentation with an iPad

Download the file keynote (mac) 3.8g on your computer and use iTunes to transfer the file on your iPad.
Follow the instructions Import a presentation from your computer by clicking here
(You must have the Keynote app on your iPad.)

Video presentation

Click on the file to download


Video teaser

Click on the desired file resolution to download the file


Draw ticket

To be handed to attendees after your presentations. Status: at printer. You can download the jpg file and add as the last page of your Keynote presentation.



Click on product name to download pdf file








Will be mailed to VIPs
Status: At printer

Click to download pdf file