Let them see the lights!

Illustrations : Sacha Lefebvre /  Story : Gecko Alliance Marketing Services

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The most comprehensive LED system for spas and hot tubs. cables and LED lights are in.mix 300’s perfect companions.


For quick, easy and clean installation

The cables and LED lights system was designed not only to be the perfect companion to the in.mix 300 lighting console, but to also dramatically ease the whole process of installing cables, lights and other equipment necessary to seriously light up your spa.

The system consists of loop, spyder and cluster cables with high-intesity LED RGB lights.’s loop cables with 4 (at every 96”) or 8 (at every 48”) t-shaped connectors cleanly adapts to the contour of spas of any size. The 4 or 6 LED spyder cables and the 9 LED clusters can then be connected and positionned inside or outside the spa, in clean layouts, to create the desired light ambiance.


Sleek cable and connector designs




cluster cable






The cleverly designed sturdy and water resistant connectors (IPX5), spyder and cluster cables can easily be connected to loop cables. Loops eliminate the need to daisy chain cables, minimize voltage drops and guarantee optimal LED intensities. also features bigger wire gage cables and more LEDs in spas. Once connected to in.mix, gives to the spa users complete control on colors and effects from in.k1000 or in.k800 keypads or a smartphone running the in.touch 2 app.


Made for in.mix 300 color lighting console


The combination of in.mix 300 and cables and LED lights is, without doubt, the most comprehensive lighting system for spas and hot tubs.

Simply connect the loop cables to the in.mix 300 control box zone connectors. is easy to install, requires no adapters, offers total flexibility, more points of lights and an infinite selection of colors through multiple clean configurations.


More info coming soon!